Hey, this is Vic. I am currently a software engineer at Blend, building the future of lending. I write Nano Review, a microblog my friends and I started to share interesting academic papers. I recently graduated from UCLA with a double major in Computer Science and Physics. My primary academic interests include machine learning, distributed systems, and software engineering.

Back in college, I was the president of UCLA ACM, one of the largest student run tech orgs in Los Angeles, and devoted most of my time to building a better CS community. I founded and organized several large scale tech events such as Founder's School and Hacker Expo. I also did software engineering internships at Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp, applied deep learning on keystroke dynamics research at UCLA Internet Research Initiative, and was a campus ambassador at Sequoia Capital.

I am interested in startups and venture capitals in both the U.S. and China. The best way to reach me is via Twitter (@vicohyeh) - let's chat.

(Channel to my art world: vicyeh.co)